AMD Continues To Dissapoint

Apprentice Millionaire Portfolio

October 15th

Readers of the Apprentice Millionire Portfolio book will already have an “Avoid ”  designation on thsi stock. IT IS just as important to your portfolio success to know which stoks to avoid as to know what we at AMP  follow. Red line your copy.

Advanced Micro (AMD : NYSE : US$2.76)

Getting chippy . 

The second-largest maker of CPUs cut its third-quarter revenue forecast late Thursday, citing weak demand across all product lines in a challenging economic environment. Revenue will drop approximately 10% from the prior period, more than the 1% decline the company had previously projected.

The new forecast indicates sales of about $1.27 billion; analysts predicted $1.38 billion. AMD joins other makers of computer components suffering fallout from sluggish growth and a shift in consumer tastes toward mobile devices, away from traditional desktop and laptop machines. Even rival Intel (INTClast month slashed its third-quarter sales…

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