Blind Faith: When AppleCare Doesn’t

Speaking Productionese

As one of the longest running Mac users in history, I think it’s safe to say I have some credibility in this arena. My first was the original beige toaster released in 1984, the 128K Macintosh. Steve Jobs’ and Woz’s signatures (along with several others) were embossed inside the case of this first edition. I used this machine for over 10 years and had occasion to view those signatures when bringing the computer in for service at a local computer store. Hey, when there’s no hard drive and you run and save everything with one floppy disk drive, that drive will wear out over time.

In 1994, I acquired one of the first Power PCs: a “Performa” with a built-in CD ROM and 14.4 kbps modem, 8 MB of RAM and 250 MB hard drive. It had a 15″ color monitor and a Color StyleWriter ink jet printer. I used…

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