I don’t need my teenager’s clothes. I have Prismas.

Heather L Cox

So I’m hitting middle age and I know should be having a breakdown, or stealing my teenage daughter’s clothes and hitting on guys half my age, or ditching it all to go find myself in India. But what I really want is art. As a kid, I did everything but become an artist. I took art classes and field trips, I sketched, I painted, I hung out with art geek students, and had crushes on artists. I went to Paris, for God’s sake. Just for the Art. Okay, and also, a little bit, for the pastries. And the cheeses. And the wine I wasn’t supposed to drink. And the cute French boys that I wasn’t supposed to, well, you know.

I hadn’t thought about any of this for a long time, until a couple weeks ago, after I went to an art quilts exhibit with a friend, and I woke…

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