Northern lights

Prachi Chourey

A solar outburst sparked surprising displays of the northern lights as far south as Arkansas, Mississippi and North Carolina tonight, marking one of the farthest-reaching auroral shows in years.

As word spread about the geomagnetic storm, photos streamed onto the Web from the usual places, such as Norway, Sweden and Iceland, but also from locales that are typically too far south to see the northern lights: Oklahoma … Kansas … Kentucky …Tennessee … Virginia.

Among the websites tracking the fireworks are, the Weather Channel and Universe Today.

Brian Emfinger /

Photographer Brian Emfinger captured this view of the northern lights from a spot near Ozark, Ark.

Arkansas photographer Brian Emfinger was alerted to the northern lights by’s aurora alert. “I ran out and put my camera out and immediately saw reddish aurora,” he wrote. “I ran out into the field, and within a few…

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