As the sun went down

hAAthi Time

Shthump.Shthump. Shthump. Shthump.
With close and definite steps I picked up pace. The wind felt crisp in my face, and I felt my lungs expand, like they haven’t in months now. My calves were taut, hamstrings ached a nice ache, and the soles of my feet sprung back at me, with every step I took.

My heart quickened and my brow was damp. iPod clenched tight in my fist, I continued on, winding my way down to the beach. Tuning out from the cacophony around me, I tuned into the the beat of the track nestled deep within my ears. Traffic moved along silently, people chatted. But I only saw wheels zip by, mouths moving. No noise. Just the music inside me.

The day was almost over. I could see signs all around. Lovers huddled together. Some walked, hand in hand. Some hunched beneath the fading light. The lone fisherman…

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