Old Friends


Just in case I haven’t said it enough, I’ll tell you again what a huge fan I am of dirt roads.  You just don’t find scenes like this along the interstate.  If I hadn’t been meandering on the back roads of Washington state last month, I never would’ve come across these two old vehicles parked side by side in the shade, like weary travelers taking a rest on a hot day.

Normally making a shot in the middle of the day in dappled light would be disastrous, but the vehicles (as luck would have it) were mostly in the evenly lit shade.  The more dappled light around them and behind them sets them off nicely.

I was pondering why I like this image, and I realized that it’s not only the fact that there are two vehicles, but that they are parked so that they’re mirroring each other’s “pose.”  So…

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