Last Fieldtrip


Last Fieldtrip, i went to Jakarta. I went there at 5 am and arrived at 8 am. I was very happy to go to jakarta with all my school friends. I think they were happy too. Me and my friends were very intrested. In there, i went to museum nasional and museum bank indonesia. In museum nasional, i know everything about history of islam in indonesia and something like history of human in indonesia. Actualy, i know not just history of islam. I know about history of hindu and budha i think. There were a lot of state there. From hindu until budha in there. There were some places name Khazanah. In Khazanah, i saw Manything made of gold. Those were very expensive. I can’t took a picture, becouse if i took a picture the museum will afraid that my picture will be publish and some people who look at to my picture will duplicate that.

All in museum nasional were very exciting. Not only indonesian people go there. There were some tourist from other country too. Next stop was Museum Bank Indonesia. First lets see the building, the building was very exciting. Becouse it was very colonial and historical. And the building was very big. If you go there, first you have to watch video about explaination of bank indonesia. i already watch it. It wasn’t realy exciting i thing, It was boring. After i watch the video, i went to some place and inthat place there were many of light, LCDs, and pictures about history. Not just history of bank indonesia but there also some history of the other thing that still related to history of bank indonesia.

Next stop was kota tua. Actualy kota tua jakarta just like braga in bandung. Just braga was more than kota tua. I was happy to go there. In kota tua, i rented a bycle with shafy. We cycling a round kota tua. And also we took some pictures and videos. And i used the video in my movie for assembly. And it was perfect. Actualy, our plan was arrived home at 7 pm. But, you know jakarta. There were alot of traffic jam there! We took along time in the bus. At 7 pm, we stoped in rest area. We had dinner first. I was realy hungry. So, i spent alot of money for dinner and snacks. And we start again at 8 pm. In the bus we took some videos for assembly too. But, the videos not good enough becouse it was too dark.

I slept in the bus when it was entering bandung city. So, i didn’t know what happend. We arrived in the school at 10 pm and i walked to go to my home.


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