Apple wins lawsuit over faulty iMac screens


A federal court in California has sided with Apple(s aapl) against a music teacher who claimed his $2,259 iMac was an “iLemon” because half of the computer’s 27 inch screen went dim after 18 months.

In a decision published last week in San Jose, U.S. District Judge Edward Chen thew out the teacher’s class action complaint, noting that Apple’s claims about the iMac’s “big, beautiful displays” and “long productive life” did not amount to false advertising because the claims were “mere puffery.”

Chen also ruled that Apple may have known about the defect, which made the computers unsuitable for web browsing, but that it was not obliged to disclose the fault to customers if it fell outside the warranty period and did not create a safety issue. The judge also pointed out that the music teacher had no standing to bring the case since the defect in his iMac appeared…

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