Backed By Khosla And KPCB, Stealthy Timeful Wants To Help You Manage Your Time


There are never enough hours in the day, right? Timeful, a new startup with backing from big names like Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Khosla Ventures and Ashton Kutcher (through A-Grade Investments), is hoping to solve this pain point for many of us.

The stealthy company is emerging today with a few details, including the investors, but won’t release to the public until mid to late April. As co-founder and serial entrepreneur Yoav Shoham tells us, they want to help protect one of the most precious resources we have: time. This is Shoham’s fourth startup. In 1998, he founded TradingDynamics and sold it to Ariba in 1999 for $400 million. His most recent company, Katango, was founded in 2010 and sold to Google in November 2011.

Timeful’s other founders include Dan Ariely, one of the foremost experts in behavioral economics and a Duke professor, and Stanford grad student Jacob…

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