From thousands of pieces to a bespoke space for talks: how we built our pop-up TED theater

TED Blog

The Next Chapter Theater at TED2014 smells incredible. That’s because it was constructed of Douglas Fir, harvested locally in the Pacific Northwest, and assembled on-site in Vancouver, Canada, over the past four and a half days. See, the Vancouver Convention Centre is perfect for TED—it’s beautifully designed, environmentally friendly, and has sweeping views of Vancouver bay and North Shore Mountains. However, it didn’t have a theater. That meant that TED got to build our own, designing the ultimate space for giving and watching talks.

TED partnered with Rockwell Group to design and build this unique theater. From the stage, the speaker is at mid-level and, rather than looking up or way down at the audience, is able to see the faces around them and make connections as they talk. Meanwhile, attendees can choose if they want an upright seat or a comfy sofa — they can even opt to stand…

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