Google’s Android Wear, A Platform For Smartwatches, Debuts With The LG ‘G’ And Moto 360


Google has announced a new smartwatch platform called Android Wear, which offers it a way to help OEM partners come up with hardware to get users into wearable devices. Among the first such devices will be the LG G Watch, a device which will launch next quarter based on the new platform. It showcases key features of the Android UI extension, including always-on voice commands that respond to the now-familiar “Ok Google.” Other partners will debut hardware later this year, Google says.

Android Wear is starting with smartwatches, but is also meant to eventually extend to other wearables, according to Google. It’s designed to be an extension of Google Now in many ways, with timely updates and suggestions provided to you as you need them most. It’ll also answer spoken questions directly, thanks to the above-mentioned always-on listening for requests prompted by the “Ok Google” command. Things you can…

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