Inside Facebook’s Efforts To Fortify Security In A Post-Snowden World


At Facebook, the security team isn’t holed up in some basement wearing tinfoil hats. It’s embedded across the company so any department dealing with sensitive data or access has security researchers inside it. Hinting at protecting against government surveillance, Facebook’s chief security officer Joe Sullivan said today that he’s confident enough in the company’s technical security that “Everyone should be coming in the front door with legal process and not coming in any other way.”

Nine months after Edward Snowden revealed just how insecure the Internet is due to secret spying programs by various governments, Sullivan says Facebook hasn’t changed what it’s doing, it’s just being more public about it. For example, today Facebook invited a group of reporters to its Menlo Park headquarters to learn more about its protocols. There Sullivan said “We’re continuing to work on the same things we worked on before [the Snowden revelations].”

Still, the…

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