Tawkers Launches An App For Publishing Your Texts


New York-based startup Tawkers has launched a new iPhone app that lets users publish their texts to its platform and creates a public forum for text-based conversations from your cell phone.

Let’s say you and a friend were texting each other about this geopolitical train wreck, and that you happened to be a senior analyst of Russian foreign policy at a major university, you might think that your texts would be worth publishing — at least that’s the rationale put forward by Blake Ian, Tawkers’ multi-hyphenate musician-producer-marketing-and-tech-entrepreneur founder.

“There’s a market of content creators and a market of content consumers for Tawkers,” Ian said. “The content creators are Tumblrs and people who have Reddits and people who want to have a new form of communicating in a conversational way.”

The content consumers are… well… everybody who reads people’s Tumblrs and Reddits, and who want to read texts on…

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