YC-Backed Boostable Offers A New Way For Online Sellers To Advertise


Boostable , which is part of the current class of startups at Y Combinator, says it’s giving the individual sellers on online marketplaces a smarter way to promote themselves.

If someone’s trying to promote, say, their products on Etsy, or their events on Eventbrite, or their housing on Airbnb, they can already buy ads for themselves. However, co-founder and CEO Selcuk Atli (pictured) said that many of those sellers “don’t have the time or the expertise” to actually do so. Or if they do, it’s hard to tell whether their ads are actually paying off — sure, they may (or may not) see an uptick in sales and traffic, but they won’t know how much of it was actually driven by a given ad or campaign.

Boostable, on the other hand, has integrated with various marketplaces to offer these sellers “a massively simple solution,” Atli said. Using the URL of…

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